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Playing around with Sitecore 10.0.1 docker containers and my simple development framework version 3.1

sc10.0.1 cover_developer

Last year, I had a chance to play around with Sitecore 10.0.0 docker containers by updating and then deploying the Sitecore solution of my simple development framework successfully. Now I wanted to deploy the Sitecore solution of my simple development framework to Sitecore version 10.0.1 (e.g Sitecore 10.0 Update 1) docker containers as well. As a consequence, my simple Sitecore development framework version 3.1 is out.

By the way, there are some other updates:

  • upgrade to Glass.Mapper.Sc.100 latest stable version 5.8.173  (thanks my fellow Sitecore MVP Micheal Edwards)
  • Glass Mapper Sc 100 latest version_sc10.0.1
  • upgrade to Unicorn 4.1.13 + Rainbow 2.1.3 (thanks my fellow Sitecore MVPs Mark Cassidy)
  • unicorn upgrade_sc10.0.1

Step-by-step guide for Sitecore docker container deployment

  1. please ensure to set up your development environment by following
  2. create a new folder, let’s say D:\my-simple-framework and then download + unzip my simple Sitecore development framework version 3.1
  3. to avoid any conflicts, we should ensure the following ports are not being used by another process: 443, 8079, 8081, 8984, and 14330
    • stop IIS
    • stop windows services if any
    • quit Skype for sure
  4. let’s spin up our own container-based Sitecore 10.0.1 instances:
    • rename D:\my-simple-framework\Docker\.env.example to D:\my-simple-framework\Docker\.env
    • open Windows PowerShell (run as administrator)
    • change directory to D:\my-simple-framework\Docker
    • execute .\Init -InitEnv to initialize environment variables and then input
      • LicenseXmlPath: (Ex: “C:\license\license.xml”)
      •  AdminPassword: (Ex: “b”)
    • green and white commands on a blue background_sc 10.0.1
    • execute .\up to spin up a new Sitecore 10.0.1 instance
    • sitecore environment _sc 10.0.1
    • hopefully will see something like this after a loooooooooooog operation
    • codes with steps_sc 10.0.1
  5. open a browser, navigate to https://cm.viethoang.local/, we would see the default Sitecore page with a valid SSL certificate
    • connection secure and valid cert_sc10.0.1
    • don’t forget to verify the Sitecore version 10.0.1
    • license details_sc10.0.1
  6. let’s deploy the Sitecore solution
    • rename D:\my-simple-framework\cake-config.json.example to cake-config.json then update the following ones
    • WebsiteRoot to deploy folder which is mounted to docker container
    • BuildToolVersions to your MS Build version on your own machine (Ex: “VS2019”)
    • build tool versions _sc10.0.1
    • rename D:\my-simple-framework\Common.LocalSettings.config.example to Common.LocalSettings.config
    • rename file_sc10.0.1
    •  msdf30 13 - msdf30 13
    • open Windows PowerShell (run as administrator)
    • change directory to D:\my-simple-framework
    • execute .\build -target Deploy-Docker
    • build target deploy docker_sc10.0.1
    • deploy docker execution_sc10.0.1
  7. open a browser, navigate to the following ones to access Sitecore sites with HTTPS protocol in the docker environment


Happy Sitecore Docker and Coding!

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