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Websparks’ Progress Sitefinity Champions 2024

Progress Sitefinity Champions gifts

At Websparks, we are fortunate to have two esteemed colleagues who have earned the coveted title of Progress Sitefinity Champions 2024. They are Ng Chee Chiu, Senior Project Director and Founder of the company, and Lee Haw Jeh, Sitefinity expert and Solution Architect.

Sitefinity is a powerful web content management system (CMS) developed by Progress. It is an all-encompassing solution that equips organisations with the tools and capabilities to create, manage, and deliver captivating digital experiences seamlessly across a multitude of channels.

Progress Champions

Progress Champions are individuals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and talent, with a deep understanding of the Sitefinity platform.

They are influencers, advisors, developers, designers or trainers in the industry who play an integral part of the software development community. These champions are experts in Progress Software products, frameworks and tools. They must also be inspirational and continually educate others.

Ng Chee Chiu

Progress Sitefinity Champion_Chee Chiu

Chee Chiu is a Sitefinity Champion and a passionate advocate for the platform.

His expertise and leadership led the team to achieve numerous award-winning projects including the prestigious Progress Sitefinity 2023 Website of the Year Award, earning recognition as a Progress Sitefinity Premium Partner and solidifying Websparks’ reputation as a digital transformation leader.

His enthusiasm and deep technical knowledge have inspired many clients and colleagues to embrace the power of Sitefinity CMS.

Lee Haw Jeh

Progress Sitefinity Champion_Haw Jeh

Haw Jeh is a Sitefinity expert and wizard.

With a wealth of experience and mastery, he has played a pivotal role in many high-profile projects. With a knack for identifying innovative solutions and thinking out of the box, he pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with Sitefinity.

Leveraging the platform’s capabilities to its fullest potential and commitment to excellence is what sets him apart. His attention to detail ensures the success of every project.

Driving Digital Transformation with Sitefinity

Chee Chiu and Haw Jeh’s combined experience and expertise have brought Websparks to its current esteemed position within the Sitefinity ecosystem. We are confident that they will continue to push boundaries and bring out the best of Sitefinity to our clients.

Join us in celebrating these two distinguished Sitefinity Champions whose invaluable contributions have been instrumental to the company’s success.


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