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10 Top Cloud Skills To Master

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If you are looking for a career in cloud solutions, it is vital to develop and pick up the necessary cloud skills in order to succeed in the field.

We are living in times where the cloud has changed the way we work, the way we learn, and the way we communicate.

According to market research, the cloud computing market has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.2 percent for the 2021 to 2028 period.

graph showing predictions for demand and job prospects in cloud computing for 2025

The Growing Demand and Job Prospects in Cloud Computing: Expert Predictions for 2025 (Edoxi Training Institute)

It is predicted to balloon to more than $390 billion by 2028. While this unprecedented growth can largely be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, this industry was on a healthy upward trajectory long before 2020.

As such, the cloud job market looks bright for experienced cloud practitioners and fresh graduates looking to explore job opportunities in this industry.

Some of the top popular cloud job roles are cloud engineer, cloud architect, DevOps developer, .NET developer, and security analyst.

You can find a list of over 20,000 jobs in the cloud world alone!

Whether you’re looking for a new job, trying to advance in your current one, or looking to bridge the skills gap for your employees as part of your digital transformation strategy, here are the top ten in-demand cloud skills to have and the suggested certifications to consider taking.

Top 10 In-Demand Cloud Skills

#1 Cloud Skill: Cloud Service Platform (CSP)

Different cloud service platforms

You will need expert knowledge in the cloud service platform (CSP) marketplace and the three major public computing platforms- AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Gain a thorough understanding of other platforms such as OpenStack, IBM, Alibaba Cloud, and Oracle.

Each of the different platforms has its pros and cons and comes with different pricing structures. You should be able to differentiate which is most suitable to host for different needs and able to select the best option.

AWS Platforms Certifications 

Below are two foundational certifications you may consider if you have basic knowledge of the AWS platform and a few months of experience.

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS 100
AWS Fundamentals Coursera 150

Here’s a more advanced certification.

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate AWS 150

This certification shows your proficiency in the basic technical concepts of AWS (a leading cloud platform) cloud engineering that can position you to qualify for related jobs. It tests your ability to deploy, manage, and use various services in AWS. 

Other Platforms Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Microsoft 99
Google Associate Cloud Engineer Google Cloud 125
IBM Certified Technical Advocate – Cloud v3 IBM 200

#2 Cloud Skill: Programming Languages

A typical cloud engineering job requires building applications in the cloud. You will need to know programming languages to write code to build, manage and deploy applications.

To get started with this, you’ll need to have a working knowledge of mainstream programming languages such as Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++.

Some popular programming languages include Java, Python, and JavaScript, which are well-suited for cloud-based software.

Programming Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Udemy programming language courses Udemy Variable
FutureLearn programming and coding courses FutureLearn Free

#3 Cloud Skill: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) 

woman hand clicking api button

As a cloud professional, you should be able to build, link and integrate different workloads in the cloud using application programming interfaces (APIs).

You have to be proficient in coding these APIs and the links used to incorporate workloads into the cloud.

REST and GraphQL are commonly used APIs in the cloud.

API Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
API-related certifications API academy Free
REST APIs with Flask and Python Udemy 49.98
Designing RESTful Web APIs Pluralsight 299 Yearly

#4 Cloud Skill: Serverless

Serverless computing skills are increasingly in demand. Serverless computing is an emerging technology that allows you to write code to run your applications without having to manage any servers.

If you want to become a serverless developer, you first need to master serverless application development.

You need to know how to use tools such as AWS Lambda and API Gateway. You can learn more about serverless computing and how to become a serverless developer.

Serverless certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Introduction to Serverless Development AWS Free
Amazon API Gateway for Serverless Applications AWS Free
Serverless certifications Cloud Academy 399 Yearly

#5 Cloud Skill: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

robot handshake illustrating digital age

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are among today’s most sought-after skills.

If you aspire to become a cloud computing professional, expand your knowledge in these areas to stand out.

These skills will become even more important as the next generation of jobs is created by these technologies.

If you want to be on the front line of this digital revolution, learning how to apply AI and machine learning skills is one of the best ways to build a career that lasts.

Machine Learning and AI Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Machine learning and AI courses Coursera 49 Monthly
IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate Coursera 49 Monthly
Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence MIT Variable

#6 Cloud Skill: Change Management

change management banner

This type of skill helps you be flexible and adaptable to constant changes in the cloud environment.

This skill requires the ability to quickly adopt new tools, develop a plan for implementing these tools in the company and then manage the change to your processes.

For businesses, a key component of this skill set is the ability to adapt business processes to include these changes in a short period.

Change Management Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Change Management: Leading Successful Transformations SIM 600-750
Change Management training courses Coursera 39 Monthly
Training programs Prosci Variable

#7 Cloud Skill: Database and Network Management

The database is one of the cloud application services widely used today.

Knowing different types of databases, how they function, and what they can do is critical types of databases, how they function, and what they can do.

Network management skills are also important in cloud workload deployments.

They include enabling access to cloud resources through establishing connections across resources and locations.

Database and Network Management Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Network Management Courses Coursera 39 Monthly
Professional Certificate in Database Management National University of Singapore (NUS) 560.66 – 4957.88
Essentials of Basic Networking, Database, and Web Applications for Advanced Manufacturing Singapore Polytechnic 33.72 – 298.22

#8 Cloud Skill: Development and Operations (DevOps) 

Development and Operations (DevOps) refers to the software development approach that integrates development and operations activities.

Devops Infinity concept

The tools of DevOps include version control systems, continuous integration, automated testing, code review and peer code review, code promotion, continuous deployment, monitoring, and incident management.

Professionals with DevOps knowledge add value to organizations by improving operational efficiency and reducing the time to market for products.

DevOps Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
DevOps Engineering and Automation National University of Singapore (NUS) 1341.98 – 2147.17
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional AWS 300
Post Graduate Program In DevOps Simplilearn 4280

#9 Cloud Skill: Cloud Security

Data security concept

Cloud security is a big deal, so it should be a big part of your skill set.

The rise in cloud computing technologies increases the demand for cybersecurity skills and knowledge.

It’s important to show that you have an understanding of common security vulnerabilities and risks associated with the cloud, cloud architecture security, and cloud application security.

Cloud Security Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Cloud Computing Security and Compliance 101 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 65.76 – 581.53
Coursera Cloud Security Courses Coursera 49 Monthly
Udemy Cloud Security Courses Udemy 15.32 Onwards

#10 Cloud Skill: Containers

The cloud is becoming a necessity and container technology is at the forefront.

Today, containers are rapidly gaining popularity because they allow you to create an environment to run your application.

As the software container model takes off, it’ll become increasingly important to have container knowledge and experience.

Containers Certifications 

Certification Provider   Cost (USD)
Containers for Deploying and Scaling Apps National University of Singapore (NUS) 1341.52 – 2146.44
ACP Container Service Certification Alibaba Cloud Academy 120
Containers Training Courses Koenig Singapore 522.40 – 1845.81


As we move towards a digital world economy, knowledge of cloud skills can help you stand out and build a successful cloud career in the digital age.

If you are looking at digitally transforming your business, you may explore the suggested courses and craft staff training and development plans as part of your digital transformation strategies.

For cloud beginners or professionals, updating your knowledge in the above-mentioned skills is essential to deal with the ever-changing cloud environment.

No doubt the cloud is here to stay and will continue to grow exponentially.

It’s indeed an exciting industry to be in.

So why not start exploring the courses and kickstart your cloud career now?

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